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MedLink Monroe

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MedLink Monroe
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MedLink Monroe Providers

Brenna Clinansmith, FNP-C

Service: Primary Care

Brenna is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner at our Monroe office. She attended Columbus State University and completed her residency with the NoGAPP Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program. She began working for MedLink in 2022 and sees patients of all ages for their primary healthcare needs.

Brandon Hardy, LCSW

Service: Behavioral Health

Brandon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at our Winder and Monroe offices. He attended school at the University of Georgia and has been employed with MedLink since 2018. He is also a veteran and is passionate about therapy for patients with a military background. Brandon is an experienced clinician who specializes in helping people overcome unresolved trauma, depressive symptoms, anxiety management, and helps patients reclaim a zest for life. Brandon sees patients 7 years old and up.

Marianne Lissade, AGNP-C

Service: Primary Care

Marianne is a certified Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner in our Monroe office. She graduated from Georgia State University and has been employed by MedLink since 2016. Marianne sees patients aged 15 and older for their primary healthcare needs.

Rebecca Redding, DO

Service: Primary Care

Dr. Redding is a family medicine physician at our Monroe office. She attended medical school at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her residency at Atlanta Medical Center. Dr. Redding began her employment at MedLink in 2018 and sees patients of all ages for their primary healthcare needs.

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